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[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]

販売価格:¥16000.00円¥10560.00円 (税込)





The product for sale is an LD jacket. Most of the LD software for animation works are made by third parties with poor yields, and even if they are good at the time of shipment, there are many cases where defects occur due to aging, so they are not eligible for returns as an extra gift. I will have it. After a successful bid, we will check again only for the first few minutes and inform you of the presence or absence of operation. If it is not possible to operate, we will inform you, so please cancel. We will check the operation when all items are exhibited, but please note that the operating environment is the exhibitor's case (PIONEER LD-S1), so we cannot guarantee operation in the play environment of the winning bidder. There may be.) # If you wait for the payment until the operation is confirmed, the refund process will not be necessary if the operation is not possible, so if you can make the payment, please wait until then. # Since it was stored in an indoor light-shielding steel locker after purchase as a new product, it seems that there is little UV burn or fading. Most of the items were wrapped in protective vinyl, so the surface of the jacket seems to be in good condition with no friction or fading. However, there are cases where dust and dirt have accumulated on the top opening of the protective vinyl, and damage due to oxidation stains can be seen on the top surface of the neutral paper jacket, so please inspect carefully. Depending on the individual, there are things that have a management sticker attached to the back of the jacket, so please check carefully. Play confirmation is only performed for a few minutes after the start, but it has not been confirmed at present because it has been a long time since the confirmation. If there is a request after a successful bid is made, we will confirm it here. We will inform you of the results. We only accept cancellations when we cannot play. One owner product.

全品出品時動作確認しますがが、動作環境はあくまで出品者の場合(PIONEER LD-S1)ですので落札者でのプレイ環境での動作を保障出来ませんのでご了承ください(プレイヤーとソフトに相性があることもございます。)



Another sample photo site address. When viewed in slide mode, you can see in higher definition than the sample on this site. When you use the download original mode, you can see the original size without deterioration.


グレーの背景紙で使用しているのはNikon 18%標準反射板(A3 Size)です。

In simple settlement, payment process will not be performed if there is no receipt notification, so please contact us when you receive the item.
Please make payment within 3 days after it makes a successful bid. Please refrain from bidding if it is judged that it will take longer.
If payment is not made within the time limit (7 days) for easy payment, it will be canceled due to the highest bidder convenience. Please note that the rating will be "very bad" automatically from the operation.
Please refrain from canceling after it makes a successful bid for any reason. Please refrain from making a successful bid if there is a concern.
We classify the state of the products with great care, but the judgment is based on individual subjectivity, so there may be differences with the viewers. Please give priority to the attached sample photos and judge.
Please note that we may contact you to wait for a short deposit when it seems that checking inventory may take some time.
We also carry out store sales in parallel, so inventory may be out of stock. If we run out of stock, we will stop selling immediately, but if it can not be shipped for some reason after payment, such as when it is not in time, we will add the full amount paid and 10% of the start price as a nuisance fee The contract will be completed by depositing money into the specified account.
In addition, please refrain from bidding of new ones.
Please let us know when you do not need both evaluations.
The transparent stick in the picture on the easel is an acrylic stick for fixing the exhibit. Since the tip is chamfered, the product is not damaged.
Please note that we cannot take all responsibility including all defects responsibility about transaction.
Although we pay careful attention to storage, posters and paper products may have some folds or folds even if they are unused in the corners and the surrounding area. Please use the high-definition mode on another site, or download mode for paper products if possible.
The Nikon 18% standard reflector (A3 Size) is used for the gray background paper.
There is a thing with a clock or calendar in the photo, but it is an information tag for the seller's management. It has nothing to do with the product.
In addition, if there is a price revision, we plan to do it once a month.
[Tagxxxx] at the end of the title is a management tag. It has nothing to do with the product.
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[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
GENERATION OTAKU - Updated May 2024 - 21 Photos - 300
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
Otaku no Video 1982 - 1985 (Bluray, 1991) Graffiti of Otaku Generation RARE OOP
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982⁄1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
Delivery Free]1980s- Legend of Demon Blade1⁄2⁄3 LaserDisc
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]
Delivery Free]1980s- BIRDY THE MIGHTY 1⁄2⁄3⁄4 LaserDisc,[LD
[Delivery Free]1980s- OTAKU GENERATION[gainax]LaserDisc,Jacket [Bonus:LD SOFT(JPN)]おたくのビデオ 1982/1985 LDジャケット[tagLD]

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